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When we discuss the traditional stock exchange market – you buy an asset and then resell it when its value increases. For example, if you buy a barrel of oil for 100 USD (the price is theoretical), you will try to sell it when it reaches 110 USD and in this way, you can get a 10% profit. But, if the global oil price goes down, to let’s say 95 USD, you lose 5 USD. And in this way, you are always a potential subject to all the risks on the market when it comes to its depression. Trade Binary Options

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Things are quite different from binary/ digital options trading; you don’t have to worry about the asset prices decreasing. The object of these financial tools is that the traders make bets on the price evolution and if the bet is correct, the profits are on average between 70 and 85%. In conclusion, the difference is that you get more profit and you are not concerned with the market depression.

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Binary Options are as exciting as a computer game, with several variations. While we have in mind our previous example with the oil price, let’s see some examples:

60 seconds. This means that if I want to make a bet over the price of oil, there are trades in which the result of my prediction will come up in 1 minute. I can make parallel 60 seconds trades and in a few minutes to get the results.

High/ Low. I make a bet on the price of oil. The price is currently 100 USD. I invest 100 USD in trade and bet that within the session, the price will not go higher than 105 USD. If at the end of the session the prices are not higher than 104.99 USD, it means that I finished in the money and I have a profit of up to 85 USD in this transaction.

Touch/ No Touch. This particular option refers to the transaction in which I bet whether the price of an asset (oil, as in our example), will touch (or not) a certain level during the session. Let’s say that the price is currently 100 USD and I invest 100 USD in a bet that the price will touch 103 USD during the session. It does not matter what the price will be at the end of the session as long as it touched the 103 level that I made the bet for.

Tunnel option. The tunnel option is a type of option where the trader makes a prediction that the price will not go out of certain boundaries. If the current price is 100 and the boundaries are 99 and 101, and I make a bet in this session, I make a profit if during the session the price does not go anywhere out of the 99-101 USD limits.

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