Ontology Crypto Review – What Is Ontology Cryptocurrency?

Ontology was launched by Onchain, ” the Chinese blockchain firm that has been linked to NEO, since they are both directed by programmer and entrepreneur Da Hongfei.

If it comes to people blockchains, among the pressing problems these days is climbing. No people blockchain can correctly scale into enterprise-grade amounts in their existing form. Ontology intends to deal with this issue by introducing a fresh high-performance blockchain that functions as a dispersed trust cooperation platform.

Ontology’s launch was declared by Onchain at November of 2017, into some bunch of investors and blockchain lovers in nyc. Da Hongfei introduced the community for a type of associate using NEO, also stated that both platforms are utilized together to make an”ecosystem” which enables blockchain technologies to be employed by the company world.


As you would anticipate, Ontology includes its very own native token, called ONT. It’s the major currency of the ecosystem, and it’ll offer a good deal of performance concerning access to several attributes across various chains. Whether this token will deliver much significance to the community remains to be viewed.

The ONT doesn’t have”mining” attribute, so people that are searching to enter a coin to utilize their mining channels on will probably observe no extra benefit . ONT will be found mostly in flow, with individuals trading, buying, and selling it, as well as node operators probably getting ONT accountable for tripping transactions.

Ontology is a system designed to provide companies with a means to incorporate blockchains in their present companies in a manner that does not compromise security of consumer information or business information. The layers of confirmation and hope that Ontology provides appear more than sufficient to meet even the most paranoid of all business-oriented programmers.

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