The Binomo broker – deposit bonuses from the company

The Binomo company, an operator of online brokerage services, has long established itself as a secure, client-oriented broker of binary options. Its set of high-quality technical and trading services and financial conditions makes it possible for absolutely any trader currently on the binary market to earn the most stable income. But today we will devote our review to a rather interesting topic – the operator’s deposit bonuses, which are not only a means of attracting partners to the company’s service, but also provide market investors with quite a bit of potential when it comes to profitable trading.

So, the brokerage services market is very competitive today, and the fight to acquire traders among binary options operators forces them to offer tons of different marketing products. However, among the variety of companies, the Binomo broker stands out very favorably in its approach to bonus offers. Here, the company’s clients can receive additional funds for trading throughout their cooperation with the operator.

The main list of bonuses offered on the Binomo service today looks as follows:

  • “Welcome bonus” – using its own financial resources, the company increases the amount of the client’s trading capital, depending on the amount of the trader’s initial investment – up to 100%
  • “For re-crediting funds” – for every increase in capital from the trader’s own resources, the broker offers bonuses to increase the financial volume of the operating account – 80%
  • “Cash back” – payouts and funds lost in the process of trading in the form of risk insurance – up to 10%
  • “Prize money” – for participation in professional competitions and tournaments traders receive prize money that is available for reinvestment in trading operations on the market – up to 7,000 USD today

Each bonus from the company is established in accordance with the broker’s partner terms and promotional offers in effect at the time.

The classic bonus for the investor’s starting capital is currently from 30 to 80%. The amount of the company’s special offer is correlated depending on the amount of capital that the investor credits to their trading account. Such an approach not only stimulates the client to credit larger investments, but also provides them with the largest possible amount of income for their subsequent trading on the binary market. And the operator’s technical services help them to achieve stable results.

We’d like to note an interesting point: the Binomo company, unlike its competitors, does not impose bonus funds on traders, which gives the client freedom of choice. To receive bonuses on the broker’s site, the trader has to notify the operator that they are interested, which they do by consenting to receive bonus funds.

It is important that clients who wish to use the company’s bonuses know that this money will be available for monetization only if they achieve a turnover on the broker’s service, the amount of which should exceed 35-40 times the amount received.

Our review cannot be complete without considering the operator’s special offers. Binomo holds a number of promotions on a regular basis, which allows traders to receive additional funds for trading. Today there is a special offer through which you can receive an increase in operating capital of 100% when you transfer operating capital to your account. Such promotional bonuses on the broker’s website are not uncommon, so closely monitor this and increase your capital even before your open any contracts.

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